The Damodar Retreat- Among Best Hotel In Durgapur West Bengal

The wild, ravaging, erratic, and divine Damodar incorporates all the attributes of Lord Krishna in its origin and flow. At times like the Lord, it brings sorrow of separation and loss, at other times it bestows the lifeline to many industries and agriculture. In some of the local languages of Jharkhand, the river is called Damuda. The term “damu” means sacred and “da” means water. The Damodar Valley is now an essential and unparalleled source of sustenance for the industrial economy and power on which the ‘Rurh’ of Bengal thrives.

This Damodar-side heritage retreat is one of the first properties of West Bengal Tourism.

It is now being operated by a professional group Jetex, the brand creators of the erstwhile “Riviera” and “The Bibhuti Vihar”, Ghatshila (Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.).

With so many amenities being added gradually, The Damodar Retreat can now take its place amongst the bold and the beautiful ! The quiet, the sprawling lawns, the lovely riverscape , the tall trees , all reiterate that there’s no need to travel hundreds of miles away when you can rejuvenate close , very close to your home !